"The Bend" 4x5

I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel from a very busy 3 months. After the 'Taste of Art' and Portland Open Studios, I'm finally able to rest a bit before the holidays. There is much left to do, as an artist never rests!
Whew! So, in the next few entries I will post a few of the demos I did at my Open Studio a coupla weeks ago. This particular scene above has been painted before, and so I did it again for fun and also because it lends itself well with simple shapes for a demo. Quick was the key here, and so it took about 25 minutes to paint this little cutie. I'll be trading "The Bend" at the Northwest Pastel Society (NPS) Annual Painting Exchange and Potluck this coming weekend.


Blogger Just Plain 'Jane' said...

Beautiful vibrant colors!

3/27/08, 6:40 AM  

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