Color Study #7 6x6"

Color Study # 7

This next color study is a Triadic color scheme that is based on three colors that are evenly spaced on the color wheel. I chose orange, purple and green simply because I love purple! The source photo is again from Wetcanvas' reference library from contributer "lisilk". I began with a complimentary underpainting of Createx pigment paint, and then applied the much confusing color story. It looks like a mess in the beginning stages, but soon evolves! I used a broken color application, letting the underpainting show through a bit, although I did lay it on a bit thick on the orange! I has a lot of texture only because I love this broken color method! I could smooth it out to make it more realistic, but I think that would ruin the bold color play.

The underpainting looks a bit crazy along with the sketch underneath. I mistakenly painted purple for the background underpainting when I should have used yellow! Ooops! Anyway, I put the purple pastel down first to hide my mistake.

Then I applied the darkest values and a few of the oranges. This is the "ugly" stage of the painting.

I continued to work on the orange. I began to add the greens to help bring it together along with using a lighter, brighter purple in the branches.

I continued to work on the greens, and on the orange peel.

Here is the finished image, again for comparison.

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Color Study #6 6x6

Color Study #6

Well, after posting Color Study #5, I wasn't completely satisfied with the outcome of the split complimentary study, even though I really like the painting. So instead of moving forward with the Triadic study that I had intended, I attempted another Split-Complimentary study. This time I used the colors blue-green, red, and orange. This really works for me! And the color just POPS! I'm also including the process of how I did this study, with all the steps below. I used an under-painting of each particular color's compliment. Sound confusing? Yup, it is. But I am sure happy with this one definitely! Oh, and the reference photo that I painted this from comes from the image library on Wetcanvas by Fagan, called "Blue Plate Special"

First, I painted an underpainting of each color's compliment.....

then I began adding red for the table and establishing a bit of the blue-green plate.

adding highlights and shadows....

filling in the fruit with shades of oranges...

Finished painting!

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My First ImageKind sale!

"North Plains Lavender"

Wow! This afternoon, I logged onto my ImageKind account and found that a sale had been made to an anonymous purchaser! I'm thrilled that something moved from my online gallery! Wooo hooo! Although it isn't enough to go out and buy everyone a latte', it will at least validate my account! ImageKind offers a ton of work and will also offer framing that you can preview before purchasing. It's really neat! I wish I could thank the customer, but it was anonymous so that doesn't help me, but just the same I'm thrilled! Oh, the image above is what was purchased as a giclee'.

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Color Study #5

Color Study #5

This is color study #5 and I am thrilled with the outcome of this study! It is "supposed" to be a split complementary color study of Blue, Red-orange, and Yellow-orange, but I think it looks more like a regular complimentary study. My use of oranges was limited in the values and use of the orange compliments, but just the same I think it really pops! I also used a broken color method of applying the pastel, letting the underpainting of Red-orange show through the marks of blue. The source photo I took at the Pittock Mansion in Portland in the morning with cool blue lighting from a North facing window. Here are some comments from my WetCanvas friends on this piece. My next study will be on Triadic colors. Here is my palette:

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Color Study #4

Color Study #4 5" x 7"

Today, I worked on another color study that is an analogous color scheme. Analogous colors are colors that neighbor each other on the color wheel. For this study, I chose to use blue and its entire range from blue, blue violet, red violet, and red and tints of these. I used a dash of orange for the rope, which causes a ton of interest because it is a compliment to blue. I found out that analogous colors can sometimes give artwork a lack of interest or create a calming feeling. Sounds kind of boring! So, that is why I put that bold orange rope in this piece and also the boat was going to float away if I didn't tie it down!
Here is my analogous palette.

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Color Study #3

"Color Study #3 6x6"

I'm now working in color schemes, trying out a complimentary palette with yellow and purple. Complimentary colors are colors that lay directly across from one another on the color wheel. Like green is to red, or blue is to orange. That kind of color study has always been my favorite combination. The actual photo reference I took of this scene has a much more "cooler" temperature to it and it actually didn't have a spoon in it either, so I had to imagine a spoon with that kind of lighting on it. Hopefully, it comes across as "really there" even though that is not the premise of this study. I struggled with my typical tight rendering, grasping on to any looseness to the piece. I just gave up and decided not to fight my tendencies to realism. Anyway, here is my palette below.

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Color Study #2

Color Study #2 5" x 5"

I am really enjoying trying out new colors! This evening I painted this piece, again copying from Vicki's work. Working with a warmer palette, I must admit I usually paint with a much cooler palette, this was a new twist for me. I learned that having a smack of cool colors in a predominately warm painting adds some kick to a painting. If this is true, I will probably work with my normal color voice of "cools" and add some touches of warms. There is much more to learn, but for now here is my palette below.

Color Study #1

Color Study #1 5" x 5"

Lately, I have been in this mood to see what I could do to bring more sparkle to my work. I greatly admire artists who use color to evoke memories or feelings into their work. About a week ago, I came upon this book called "Mastering Color" by artist Vicki McMurry. I love how she creates such mood in her paintings. I am working on a few experimental pieces to see what I can come up with, copying her painting palette and work as a way to better understand just how to get that "sparkle". So, here is an attempt at one of her pieces that is in her book. It's not as good as Vicki's, but it's just practice for now.

Here is the palette that I used for the above piece. There are a few colors that are duplicated. Anyway, That's it for now.


Art's Reception at Art Envy

Last night was fun at Hillsboro's First Tuesday Art Walk! Blake Wellington, owner of Art Envy was a great host. We enjoyed the guests who stopped by to see the work and enjoyed some hors d'oeuvres of wine & cheese. Here I am with two visitors, Carl and Dawn Weinberger, who were intent on winning "Buoy Dance". I guess I'll find out who the lucky winner is soon! I finished framing "Lily Dance" in time to have it's debut at this little reception. It sits proudly in the window for all to see.


New Colors!

Well, it's about time I had changed the colors of my blog! I was after cohesiveness with my website. So when a visitor pops over here from my site, they look alike, or at least from the same artist. That's the designer in me I guess. The only drawback for me is that I can't have my "Title header" have the same script that my website has. If I only knew how to do html and blogging really well. I guess for now it will have to do. I do prefer the white background, but this makes it difficult for me to update my website. Programming! Augh! I'd rather be painting!
Ha! I figured it out! The header is up!