Green Scene, 6x6

"Green Scene"  6x6"  Pastel on sanded paper

Here is a small study that I did just for fun.  I was thinking 'green' here, and so it is!  I kind of like what's happening between the trees and sky.  Like the last bit of light of the day coming through, without the warmth of a sunset.

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A Sense of Place, PPASP Juried Group Show

"Seeking Andrew" by Katherin van Schoonhoven

Inviting all art enthusiasts to a really great show of Plein Air and Alla Prima work by Portland Plein Air and Studio Painters Group.  Art consisting exclusively of first-hand observation either in nature or in the studio are sure to "WOW" the admirer.  

Exhibit dates:  June 7~August 29, 2009
Artist Reception:  Sunday June 7 at Noon~2pm


Autumn Song, 6x6

"Autumn Song"  6x6"  Pastel on sanded paper

This past week I was getting art ready for a show and found that a piece that was submitted had never been recorded in my inventory of art.  How could I miss this one!  So I had to take it out of the frame, scan it in, price and re-frame it.  Shortly after scanning it into my computer, my "painting buddy"  Rosie, whom I say affectionately, sat right on top of my painting!  All she wanted was some attention...well she got it!  I gingerly picked her up and brushed the loose pastel pigment off of her fur and then inspected the art.  A few smears and smudges, but not too bad of a mess.  I was able to repair the damage easily, but it's not the same.  So, here is my new piece, painted in the fall of last year...and it is now officially in my inventory.  I'm considering getting one of those programs for artists that help track their artwork.  Gosh that darned kitty!  Do you have a painting buddy?

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Cherry Bowl, 6x6

"Cherry Bowl" 6x6" Pastel on sanded paper Sold

Since I got that notice of acceptance into the Local 14 show, I've been focusing on getting a series of fruit still-life paintings done. I've painted this cute little one before and to be honest with you, I spent more time on it this second time around noticing things that previously went unnoticed. I think this comes with most anything in life. I just may have been more ready to take in more information this time around, or possibly wasn't willing to see it clearly last time. Have you ever listened to an inspirational tape and then listened to it a month later only to get something new from it? I was told that as we grow in maturity, or shall I say at different times in our lives, we are more receptive to certain ideas or concepts than at other times. Am I more willing to listen instead of just hear? Am I willing to see more than before? I guess and guess again.

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Being Sour Has it's Benefits, 6x6

"Being Sour Has it's Benefits"  6x6"  Pastel on sanded paper

This makes me smile!  It seemed like such a hard subject to paint, so I took my reference photo (from Wetcanvas' Reference Image Library) and hung it upside down along with my painting.  This forced me to "see" what it really is...a big mess of bold color and shapes!  It didn't take as much time to create as I thought it would.  Hope you enjoy this little bit of sunshine.

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Duet, 6x6

Duet, 6x6"  Pastel on sanded paper

I've been side stepping my farm series this week, taking a quick break with this small still life piece of pears.  I'm actually preparing for the Local 14 show where I will be showing several still life paintings of fruit.  Even though the show won't be until October, I still like to be ready to "hang" well before the installation.  This one is a bit interesting because the variety of textures/techniques used to make the different surfaces.  The resource photo comes from the Reference Image Library on WetCanvas.

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