Auction recap, Red Blueberry Rows, 16x12

Red Blueberry Rows, 16x12" Pastel on sanded paper ©Brenda Boylan

A huge success for the MHCCF Auction last Saturday night. Here is my piece that I painted at the event before 450 attendees. You may ask, 'Weren't you a bit stressed?' No, not really, and that is because I prepared for it. Giving me the comfort that all will run smoothly. I do this by pre-painting the subject (days or even months before) and having all my framing ready for the art, including the glass, backing and wiring. You've probably seen this one before and that's because I painted and posted this scene plein air last fall. In recap, it was a great event with many admirers and a lot of fun with artists Michael Orwick and James McGrew.

1/2 hour into the work...the crowd was just beginning to fill out.

Once the auction ended, I began framing the piece only to find out that the work was off by 1/8" and wouldn't fit into the frame. I ended up having to take the piece back home to adjust it, but that was nice because I was allowed more time to make sure it was framed with care. Next time, Brenda, check to see if it fits first! Augh! Anyway, I also donated a larger piece that was offered in the live auction. You can view the finished piece here.

The winners Robin and Loretta with my larger piece, 'Reflections on Blue' 21x30"

Now, a little about auctions and art:

If you donate your art, the law will only allow you to deduct the cost of materials for taxes. This doesn't fare well for artists, but then again I suppose the IRS is trying to keep us from over pricing our donations based on a perceived value.
Another thing to consider when you donate is that you might ask for a reserve on your piece. These charities may not like it, but really, there is no way else to secure that it's final bid will even match the value...and this could be really bad for business as an artist.
And finally, one more issue with auctions. When donating, ask if you can get a percent of the sale...kind of like a gallery commission. Again these charities will not like this, but if you can get a percent, say 40/60 or maybe even 50/50, then at least your efforts will not be lost. Otherwise, just 'give' and feel good about it.

There is almost no financial benefit to doing auctions except for the fun and the rewards of giving. Just maybe the rare chance that someone will like your work so much that they just HAVE to contact you! I don't think this happens very often, but there is always the likely chance it could. So before you say "Yes" to an auction benefit, ask yourself why you want to do it, and you will find the answer from within.

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Blogger Kim Vanlandingham said...

I'm so glad it was a success for you! Great advice on donating art too!

5/10/11, 12:20 PM  
Blogger Caroline Peña Bray said...

I'm delighted to have found your blog - you have a wonderful way with colour! I'm looking forward to coming back soon to read and see more from you.

5/11/11, 4:19 AM  
Blogger Brenda Boylan said...

Hi Caroline,
Thanks so much for your generous words. Love reading comments from the far reaching internet. Thanks for joining up with me! Until later, Brenda

5/11/11, 1:05 PM  

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