Market Pause, 9x6

"Market Pause" 9x6" Pastel on sanded paper

This summer has been a whirlwind of activity for me, but today Portland had a summer rain that gave me much needed time to clear off my desk, reconcile a weary check book, and pick through some old photos. Quiet stuff in the studio. Rain in Portland in mid July is not all that unusual, but today it was a downpour. I kept asking myself "Whaz wit dat?"

This piece is just part of a larger one that I was never too pleased with, but after finding it in my 'pile' of old paintings, I figured there was something more to it when cropped. I love cropping a piece and finding more strength in the composition than before. This one is from the Beaverton Farmers Market from a few years back. A quick and gestural piece, not accurate, but still colorful and summerful. Enjoy.

Also on the newsfront, I was awarded first place with my "Bolts of Lavender" piece at the Yamhill Lavender Festival last week. A huge thank you to judge Eric Bowman for selecting my piece! It was a fun event speckled with a few more of those peculiar summer rainy days.

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Pastel Punch! Workshop 9/28-10/1

OK, I'm finally doing it! I have scheduled a pastel workshop because I love to share and talk about my favorite medium of all ... Pastels!

Read on... FULL!

Pastel Punch!

Learn the secrets of this intensely expressive and colorful medium in an artistic environment. This 3 day+ workshop will be held in the beautiful studio and gardens of artist Lorene Coleman in the Portland, Oregon area in September, 2011. Designed with beginner and intermediate painters in mind who want to learn what it takes to make knock-out pastel paintings. Students can expect to work a variety of exercises stressing the fundamentals of design/composition, underpainting, mark making, value, and simplifying all while encouraging a personal approach to your work. We will work in and out of the studio with an off-location optional/casual plein air paint-along on the last day (weather permitting) with Brenda, all while having a lot of fun!

Strong drawing skills are needed, photo references will be used for some exercises.

3 days + plus 1 optional plein air/paint along day

Sept 28th~Oct 1st. 9am~4pm.

Class tuition: $250. $75. deposit to secure spot

Class Limited to 8 students only!

Beaverton, OR.

Contact Brenda for more details HERE.

Visit my website for online registration HERE.


List of supplies:

Easel A sturdy, light weight easel. One that can tilt forward is best.

12x16” board to tape paper to

2” and 1” rolls of masking tape

1 9x12” Wallis White Professional grade pad of paper.

Carb Othello pastel pencils, 2~3 neutral colored

Vine Charcoal 2+ sticks

Hand barrier cream or latex free gloves

Paper towels or cloth rag

Drop cloth preferably a fabric one like an old shower curtain or sheet.

Gamsol and a jar with lid to pour it into.

Paintbrush 1/2” wide, inexpensive grade brush.

Small sketch book (spiral bound) and pencil to take visual notes and sketches

Pastels: Bring as many as you can travel with including a wide variety of values, colors and brands. I recommend Ludwig, Unison, Sennelier, Schmincke, Pastel Girault, Art Spectrum, & ArtWorks that are a high grade, soft pastel.

Compact carrying case for your pastels.

Neutral colored clothing for painting. Brightly colored or white clothing reflects onto art.

Plein Air day supplies: Optional

Not mandatory but helpful to have on hand. This list in in addition to all supplies above except the drop cloth. Bring your smallest version of each item. Remember that you will need to carry all your gear to your painting spot. A tote bag or backpack works well for the listed items.

Sun hat (neutral color)

Sunblock and insect spray

Drinking water

Hand/baby wipes

Sack lunch and snacks

Folding chair and small TV tray or table for your pastels.



a plastic shopping bag to put trash in

wear neutral colored clothing (no white or bright colored)

Plein air collapsible umbrella (avoid bright colors and stripes) with easel attachment

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Bolts of Lavender, 16x12

"Bolts of Lavender" 16x12" Pastel on sanded paper
©2011 Brenda Boylan

This has been one of those weeks where the days wiz by way too fast. Then BOOM, it's gone! I spent a lot of time preparing my daughter for a trip to a law forum in D.C. for a week. She's growing up too fast but letting her stretch her wings is wonderful to see. I didn't have much time to finish up the oil that I started last week, but I did get out twice to plein air paint. This one above was painted at the same lavender farm as in the last post and pretty much the same scene. So beautiful to be there looking at such beauty that it was intoxicating. The fragrance of lavender, the sound of the bumble bees, and the hot sun on my skin. Ooooh summer is here...finally, in Oregon! Our warmer season in the Northwest started late giving the lavender a delayed bloom, although some of the varieties were in full color.

Then last Friday was the Caswell Gallery First Friday Art Walk where 5 of us gallery artists (Michael Orwick, James McGrew, Christy Perrine, Bev Joswiak, and myself) painted our hearts out over the course of the evening. Here I am having a most interesting conversation with my easel, painting from a photo of the same scene as this painting above.

'The stance'...or is it a dance?

Next weekend is the Lavender Paint out show in Beulah Park, Yamhill. Stop by to see some beautiful art and of course to smell the lavender! Info in the sidebar to the right --->

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