Making room for creativity

A crop of a city scene painting I'm currently working on

There are times when I feel like I could just scream from the frustration of interruptions to creativity.  But in reality, I have too many bowling balls that I'm juggling along with a very busy and productive family life.  This is why I haven't posted in a while.  So many things are happening at one time, and most of them are not artistic endeavors. Bleh!  

Made room for painting today and this has made me feel better and more complete.  I put on some tango music and that really made me wiggle into the creative mode again.  Here is a cropped portion of what I'm working on, and it's been a fight all the way.  Work and re-work. It's a city scene inspired from a trip into the rose city, Portland. The buildings want to curve and bend, the sky wishes to be yellow and the cars keep moving.  I love it all!  I think the tango music is making it's influence.

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Watching artists paint as inpiration

Work in progress at the easel

Still life set up.

Last Friday night, I had the opportunity to watch a Master oil painter create a painting before a crowd of artists, admirers, and workshop attendees here in Portland. This was a rare opportunity, giving many a view into the inner sanctum of the artist's mind and method. There is nothing more telling than watching a piece come together from the blank canvas to the final finishing touches. As it was, we were not allowed to photograph or record the event, but I did get a few sneaks in (shown above). I'd dare to say that much was learned, and I liken it to a live performance, but in the visual sense of all things given.  I'm not going to uncover the artist's identity, and will let you figure that out on your own. If you ever have the chance to watch a painting come alive from start to finish, I highly recommend it because you will learn much and build upon your bank of visual knowledge.

And now I must segue into a little shameless self promotion...

I will be participating in a repeat performance at the Allison Inn & Spa's Trilogy Winemaker's dinner and Quick Draw event held on March 3rd. Eighteen professional artists will create, from start to finish, a piece of artwork before your eyes within the span of one hour and then placed for auction in support of the Newberg Chamber of Commerce. Prior the auction, everyone will be treated to a culinary journey paired with some of Oregon's finest wines. Ahh, my favorite, fine wine and art...mmm, mmm.  How can it get any better than that?
Here's a quick visual treat of last year's event.

More info is listed in the sidebar to the right---> (Trilogy Quick Draw)

I can't wait for this event again as it was quite the workout to paint in this type of setting with the time constraint. The artistic energy was high, the wine delicious, and the food superb!

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Scholls Homestead, 9x12

"Scholls Homestead" 9x12" Oil ┬ęBrenda Boylan

A few weeks back I took an alla prima oil painting workshop from Thomas Jefferson Kitts so I could broaden my medium choices.   Thomas is an awesome instructor with a depth of knowledge beyond any instructor I've had.   So, now I have to go out and practice, right?  Mix a little sunshine with free time and you get a great day of plein air painting!  Well...maybe.  This was my first time out painting this year as well as with oils in the field.  It was a very chilly, windy day so I took a small warming break in the car, only to return to a fallen easel!  Aack!  I continue to feel a bit clumbsy with the oils, but with anything, it will have to take some time.  Above is my first attempt in the field with oils of a small homestead in Scholls, OR off of Hwy 210.

So, yes, I'm checkin' oils out and hoping my pastels don't get too jealous of my little affair with oils.

Here is one of my studies from Thomas' class:

Floral Study with Oils, 16x12" Oil

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