Reworking and evaluating, Interseeding Clover, 24x24

"Interseeding Clover",  24x24" Pastel

Life at my house is getting less hectic and more routine as we settle into the colder months. For the artist part of me, that means quiet studio time, the occasional show, as well as studying or experimenting on new techniques.  I have a lot of peices I wish to do over again, some of them works that I have stashed away for one reason or another.  My gallery in Tacoma, American Art Company, has requested more 24x24" pieces and I have a couple in stock as well as pieces that I want to paint that are stored in memory.  The piece below is from earlier this year that was created as a warm up for a quick draw event at the Allison.  I finally pulled it out to see if it was gallery ready, and I couldn't believe the difference in what I saw a year ago as compared to what I see now in my own work.  We are always growing with each painting, and with that, our eyes see differently.  Perhaps it's the daily experiences we encounter or from our own growth out in the field as we paint along. So, I reworked the piece below and here is it's facelift, above. (I can't believe I'm comparing painting to vanity, but perhaps it is all in vain, eh?)

So "Crossing Clover" is no longer available. "Interceeding Crimson"will be available at American Art Company in the coming months.

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Marshland Overlook, 12x16

"Marshland Overlook", 12x16" Pastel

Last Wednesday I painted this pastel demonstration for a lively group of artists at the Sequoia Gallery. It was a lot of fun as the organizer of the event, Claudia, also scheduled a dinner out at The Venetian prior the demo. Those who made it to dinner all had a great time eating and talking about art. I couldn't think of a better way to start off a "working" evening. In the studio I was honored with a large audience with loads of questions. I'm hoping that it spurs some on to study this medium as I have learned so much about color with it.  I first started this painting out with a analagous under painting of warm reds and oranges and took a photo of it, but darned that I had that image, somehow losing it in translation to  my computer. Oh well.  
Anyway, I am preparing for a First Friday Art Show and will be unveiling my newest works in oils and pastels.  I do hope you find the time to come by on Friday, December 7th at Caswell Gallery from 6-9pm. Event listed on the right side bar --->

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Lemon Joy, 6x6

"Lemon Joy" 6x6" Pastel (sold)

I love lemons. They remind me of my childhood and the two huge lemon trees that grew in the backyard of our home in California.  The trees produced so many lemons, that the fruity abundace just dropped to the ground.  As children, we used to take the fallen fruit and create lemon birds, made with leafy wings and thorns for eyes, and propel them over the fence to the neighbors yard as a "bird" gift. Surely we had way too much time on our hands.  Ooh, I remember we'd make home made lemon aid that was simply sticky, sour and delicious!  Are you salivating yet? 

Two takes on the same subject  

Above, "Lemon Joy" was just completed and shipped off to it's new owners in San Diego, and the same image below, was painted a few years back as an under painting study on simultaneous contrast. "Lemons in Red Bowl" will be available along with 5 other fruit paintings, at Art Elements Gallery for the "Good Things, Small Packages" show for the month of December.

"Lemons in Red Bowl" 6x6" Pastel $250

"Sometimes Being Sour has its Privileges" 6x6" Pastel  $250

"Blue Plate, Orange" 6x6" Pastel  $250

"Duet" 6x6" Pastel  $250

"Staged Zest" 6x6" Pastel  $250

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No Permit Required

Sometimes the best views are in unexpected places

Is there a view that you long to paint but it seemingly is in a precarious place, out of reach or just plain dangerous?  We artists all have seen them and long to paint those elusive views never to be caught on canvas or paper. This past week I went out with a painting friend Anton Pavenko to paint the Sellwood District of Portland.  We love to paint urban stuff: grungy, grey with spots of color, busy and sometimes chaotic.  Yeah, that's what I have been really turning more and more towards this past year.  We set out to paint this particular neighborhood that is known for it's antique shops and pedestrian friendly traffic.  As we searched out our first post, this spot seemed part illegal and perhaps a bit dangerous, but hey, why not?  I rationalized that if we were asked to leave this dividing platform, then well, at least we tried... right?  Well funny enough, a squad car did pass us by with no citations, so we checked out just fine. Here is one of two pieces that I created...

"Pause on Sellwood"  8 x 10" Oil

If you have photos of you painting in dangerous or unexpected places, I'd love to share them here next week on this blog.  Please email your pictures to me through this blog and be sure to indicate your name and the location for credit.  Thanks!

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