Lemon Joy, 6x6

"Lemon Joy" 6x6" Pastel (sold)

I love lemons. They remind me of my childhood and the two huge lemon trees that grew in the backyard of our home in California.  The trees produced so many lemons, that the fruity abundace just dropped to the ground.  As children, we used to take the fallen fruit and create lemon birds, made with leafy wings and thorns for eyes, and propel them over the fence to the neighbors yard as a "bird" gift. Surely we had way too much time on our hands.  Ooh, I remember we'd make home made lemon aid that was simply sticky, sour and delicious!  Are you salivating yet? 

Two takes on the same subject  

Above, "Lemon Joy" was just completed and shipped off to it's new owners in San Diego, and the same image below, was painted a few years back as an under painting study on simultaneous contrast. "Lemons in Red Bowl" will be available along with 5 other fruit paintings, at Art Elements Gallery for the "Good Things, Small Packages" show for the month of December.

"Lemons in Red Bowl" 6x6" Pastel $250

"Sometimes Being Sour has its Privileges" 6x6" Pastel  $250

"Blue Plate, Orange" 6x6" Pastel  $250

"Duet" 6x6" Pastel  $250

"Staged Zest" 6x6" Pastel  $250

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Blogger Sergio Lopez said...

"Lemons in Red Bowl" is just perfect!

11/12/12, 8:12 PM  
Blogger Brenda Boylan said...

Thanks Sergio, I was trying out a triad color combination on this one with a tad of simultaneous contrast going on in the background. Basically a study and a fun one at that.

11/12/12, 8:20 PM  
Blogger Celeste Bergin said...

.....the "bird gift" is too funny. Maybe my favorite is "Blue Plate, Orange"...but they are all exceptional

11/12/12, 11:27 PM  

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