Marshland Overlook, 12x16

"Marshland Overlook", 12x16" Pastel

Last Wednesday I painted this pastel demonstration for a lively group of artists at the Sequoia Gallery. It was a lot of fun as the organizer of the event, Claudia, also scheduled a dinner out at The Venetian prior the demo. Those who made it to dinner all had a great time eating and talking about art. I couldn't think of a better way to start off a "working" evening. In the studio I was honored with a large audience with loads of questions. I'm hoping that it spurs some on to study this medium as I have learned so much about color with it.  I first started this painting out with a analagous under painting of warm reds and oranges and took a photo of it, but darned that I had that image, somehow losing it in translation to  my computer. Oh well.  
Anyway, I am preparing for a First Friday Art Show and will be unveiling my newest works in oils and pastels.  I do hope you find the time to come by on Friday, December 7th at Caswell Gallery from 6-9pm. Event listed on the right side bar --->

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