Old Chalks + Pastel Punch workshop this weekend

Old "Chalks" 

The Farmhouse as seen from the new house.

A few weeks ago, I visited my Dad on the family farm. As a kid, my Dad worked the property like every family member did in the bean fields, milking cows early in the morning, walking to school in the snow... up hill no doubt. When he graduated from college, he left the farm for the city life in California. When he and my stepmom retired, they moved back up to the farm and built a new home on the property. Luckily, they left the original farm house intact.  Last time I visited, my husband, kids and I went over to the "Farm house" with Dad and we got to dig through some of his old boxes that he keeps in a corner of the farmhouse. He spoke of his childhood as we pulled each item out as if it were just yesterday. We found his Scouting badges, an old film camera and film canisters, a fishing rod and cricket cage, my Grandmother's Christening dress and baby shoes, Indian arrowheads, and more. In one of the boxes I found a small wooden birch box with a latch on it and took a peek inside. "Oh, those are just some 'ol chalks" says my Dad. "Yeah, but I'd like to know if you plan on using them?"  So here they are, and they are mine!

Sampling on Wallis paper

I played around with them today and found that the pigment is intense, with little binder. They are soft and blend well.  An unusual aspect of these is that they are very lightweight as if I am holding a dry sponge. There was no label as to the manufacturer, so it's my guess that they were just "chalks" for a school art project.  Looks like they saw little use with a few broken ones.  I think I will put these dusty sticks to some good use. If not, I guess my kids will find them in a box stored in a dusty corner someday.

Also, I'd like to mention that my Pastel Punch! workshop is this weekend, Feb 8-10th. I am so excited to get back to teaching and love sharing my passion with pastels. There are still a few spots left so if you are in the area and want to know how to make an impact with this super cool medium, give it a try. I might even let you play with my newfound pastels from the farm.  :)

Workshop info HERE
Register by calling Sequoia Gallery at 503-693-0401

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Blogger Celeste Bergin said...

well, those pastels are really pretty...I bet you'll find a use for them. The photo of the farmhouse is lovely---looks like a nice place to grow up.

2/11/13, 9:27 PM  
Blogger Brenda Boylan said...

Thanks Celeste.
They are fun to paint with as they offer a lot of fun colors. The farmhouse has so many wonderful family memories...now my sister lives in it. :)

2/15/13, 8:58 PM  

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