Finding Grace...amidst the chaos


(At the MET in NYC)
Life as we know it sure has taken us for a loop or two. I don't know about you, but I am beginning to sense that we are living in the midst of a paradigm shift. How we communicate, shop, move about, learn, and conduct social gatherings has suddenly been realigned.  I want to know if you have had to conduct a video phone call...in your jammies?  Or been shopping for that needed necessity, but too nervous to enter into a grocery store so you just do without?  What about those loved ones who are, or have suffered from illness?  I'm sure you know what I mean.  Drive-up pharmacies, facial masks, drive-thru coffee shop kiosks, binging on news headlines, and online shopping are now taking a front seat. As for me and my creative family of artist friends, we have had to cancel all art gatherings, gallery events, and classes have had to be re-imagined...OVERNIGHT!  BAM!  ZOOM!

Let's count the benefits of a solitary, home-bound life:  families engaging in conversation at the dinner table over a creatively home-constructed mash-like concoction of leftovers. Thoughtful conversations with loved ones, a closer, more united humanity, and honoring life with the help of heroic medical professionals. I imagine we are getting to know each other on a deeper level. Our weaknesses and strengths are exposed by this current reality, making us all take a second look at what life just is. Our environment is cleaner without all the consumption of fuel, with clear skies and fresh rain. I sure hope you can see some of the good in all of this.  As for my creative life? I am workinwith more intention and giving deeper thought to what and why I paint...in the peace and safety of my solitary studio.

By the way... in the above image of the large painting, I see a reflection of a tree trunk upon the surface of a body of water with large, pale koi fish, and leaves suspended upon the surface. What might you see in the above piece of art?

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