Seeing through your hopes and dreams

"Delight of the Dreamer"  12x12" Pastel on sanded paper, $1,650
Available through The Mission Gallery

Enter into any room that is flooded with filtered light, and you might sense your mood shifting, and perhaps your eyes might even begin to moisten. For me, I am always in touch with my senses, especially my sight, and perception of how people relate to one another. It's almost funny to say this, but to me, I am on the observation deck of life.  A few years back, I came upon this scene inside the Swan House at the Atlanta Historical Museum after a thunderous Spring downpour. Upon entering into this one particular room at that very moment, I felt a compelling sense of elevation by the light that was wrapping around this young girl. It evoked feelings of hope fueled by anticipation, curiosity, and dreams. And now, now more than ever, this piece seems more poignant. One might question if she is isolated in an empty room along with an empty chair to sit, be still and think, or she is waiting for good news that will bring brighter days ahead?.  Whether we look at life through either a kaleidoscope lens or a magnifying glass, we still take light in.  So what do you see in this piece? I'd love to know!

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