Life's A Trip...


 Life's a Trip . . .

. . . when you get back up
How are you doing during this unrest and an unworldly pandemic?  It seems so long since I have seen a familiar face within 3 feet of me, sharing a good laugh, feeling the summer heat together while outside in the July air.  Personally, I have noticed that my way has been negotiating with my will, and I'm trying to find balance with what is more important: whether I stick to my old routine (which has been cut short), or just relax a little more ... and take another nap. It seems that my motivation is slipping, so I figured I would Google "getting motivation" and this is the first thing that popped up:  
  1. Set goals
  2. Choose goals that interest you
  3. Find things that interest you within goals that don't
  4. Make your goal public
  5. Plot your progress
  6. Break up your goal
  7. Use rewards
  8. Don't do it alone.
Everything looks attainable, but there is one item on this list that is really challenging, and that is #8.  Don't do it alone?  REALLY?  It's the one ingredient we all need the most in these unprecedented times...and that is togetherness!  So, reach out to one another, volunteer, write a love letter, send a long lost friend a text or email, or better yet...an overdue phone call. I love to hear from friends from time to time to rekindle that togetherness we need right now.  And if you are motivated enough, reach out to me with a photo of you and a beloved, or perhaps with you and your favorite piece of art. Let me cheer you on so that you and I will know we are not alone!   
#8  Don't do it alone.
By the way... in the course of having painted with either pastel or with oil paints, I have figured there is a one in 30 chance my easel will fall over.  I'm still smiling, still grateful to those who help me out, and laugh when the numbers are in my favor. 

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