Cultus Lake 6x6

Cultus Lake 6x6

This week, my family and I went camping in La Pine, Oregon. The central Oregon area has many beautiful areas to paint and of course my favorite subject, water, was plentiful along the Cascade Lakes Hwy. We stopped off for our favorite watering hole, Cultus Lake, and stayed long enough for me to paint two small pieces. "Cultus Lake" is the first one I worked on. The skies have had this smoky haze due to the Northern California fires that have drifted up to the Northwest areas, which made for interesting skies. Anyway, the vacation was a fruitful one filled with beauty, family and laughter!


Blogger Unknown said...

How fun! Love them all, but the back mountain in the first painting makes me just love that one.

7/8/08, 8:45 PM  

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