Plein air musings...

I had a conversation the other day with another artist about Plein-air musings. Our conversation drifted to what viewers most often commented on out in the field as they are often a curious sort. I thought that I would offer a post about this in order of the least common comments starting from #10 (even though it is still a common question) to #1 as the most common comment ever stated by any viewer in the field. And of course, this is meant to be cheeky humor. Take no offense! Your comments are encouraged here as I may miss a few good ones! Also, click on the WetCanvas! thread on this topic for more humor.

So here goes:

#10. Can I look?
#9. That's really nice, do you sell your work?
#8. How long did that take you to paint?
#7. Do you show in galleries?
#6. You missed that tree over there...
#5. That's a nice easel, I bet it was expensive.
#4. Can I touch that?
#3. What are you doing?
#2. I used to paint with chalks too, but I don't have the time to anymore.
#1. My grandma used to paint, and she was really, really good!


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