Color Stance, 11 x14"

"Color Stance" 11x14" Pastel on sanded paper Sold

Thursday was a hot one to be out plein air painting on Mt. Tabor. This time around, I found a spot that would be shaded for the entire time. Looking at the treetops and gathering where the sun was headed, I predicted well for that much appreciated shade. I also took photos of the progress of this one so you could see how it came together.

This is the under painting stage. Quite a mess, I scumbled pigment that was primarily blues and bright oranges. I then used a foam brush and applied turpenoid to the pigment so the paper was saturated with color. Looking a bit abstract? Yup.

After the turpenoid dried, which it did in moments due to the hot air, I began to block in my colors. Blocking in the values of darks, medium ranges and lights helps me to keep ahold of this constant dance.. I loved the play of color and almost stopped right here, but NOOOoo!

Adding more elements to the shapes, gathering information as well as editing what's before me. I was struggling with the colors on the road. They were warm and cool at the same time. Where's that perfect pastel for shade?

At this stage, I'm beginning to paint quietly. Here I am taking time to adjust the value relationships and deciding if my focal point is not competing with the other elements.

Finished! "Color Stance" will be on show at the Mt. Tabor Plein Air booth this weekend.


Blogger loriann signori said...

fascinating...I love seeing your process!

8/5/09, 11:49 AM  

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