Afternoon Pause, 24x24"

This painting is the seventh of the "Variations on a Scene" series, although I think my theme may change as my series grows! Because every painting is a lesson in itself, newer ideas develop and then my work changes direction a tad....so goes art for that matter! I have had a lot of influence from other artists blogs, more notedly Lorian Signori's work and the phenomenal Deborah Paris, as well as a few others. I greatly admire these artists' work and hope that I will someday have the opportunity to meet them in person. I find that surfing the net to view other artist's work is a great way to grow and get inspiration. There is so much out there, where do you start? I often find the best ones on my favorite artists' blogrolls.

On another note, I have finally made a Fan Page on Facebook. You can find it here to sign up, although it is really the same as this blog, but less formal. Commenting is a bit more transparent and lighter in nature on my Fan Page.


Blogger Donna T said...

Happy Mother's Day Brenda! What a beauty this painting is! I love the warm glow of that field. It's good to see that your "Floating Idle" found a home too.

5/9/10, 8:26 AM  

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