Kingstad Wetlands, 6x12"

Kingstad Wetlands, 6x12", Pastel on sanded paper

Late afternoon painting has it's advantages...and disadvantages when it comes to plein air work. I just struggled with getting the colors in this one. From moment to moment, the atmosphere changed just as fast as I was putting color down. Frustrated as it was, I walked away reminding myself that each painting is really an experiment. So, depending on who's looking at it, it could be more than just an experiment...or for me, a lesson learned in quick afternoon color.
After working on this, my painting buddy Gretha popped open a bottle of chocolate wine and celebrated a summer"y" serendipitous moment.

Painted at the Beaverton Wetlands area just located behind our once "Kingstad Gallery", I was reminded of a couple of years ago painting with all the artists from the Kingstad.

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