Expanding the mind, Tea Cup and Cherries, 12x12

'Tea Cup and Cherries' 12x12" Acrylic

I thought I'd try something different and work with acrylic! I know, I'm a pure hearted pastelist who favors the dusty fingered method. But recently I read that artists should try new mediums every so often to spice things up a bit. So, on Sunday I had a new student (11 year old) over for a lesson and she wanted to work with acrylics for a class project in school. Even though I'm not an acrylic painter, the knowledge of how to create is still intact and transfers well. So we jumped into the medium with a new sense of adventure.

I noticed the acrylic was very slippery, and I was awkward using a paintbrush. This 'extension' of my fingers made a distinct discord with me and at times I just had to have my fingers into the action, like smearing and smudging where the acrylic was mis-applied. There was definitely not as much forgiveness as pastel. Well, anyway, I've painted and posted this image a dozen times over and probably will continue to paint it because it has a nice combination of warm and cool colors. It also made it easy to repaint because I only had to think about the medium and not the image as much. In the end the acrylic wasn't so bad. I've been flirting with oils , but I think I'll try to master the brush a bit more before investing in another medium.

Image source: Wetcanvas



Blogger Cmichaudart said...

I'm a big believer in experimentation in different media...if only to make you appreciate what it is you love about pastel. Of course I end up wearing whatever else i try! Good job.

3/7/11, 4:59 PM  
Blogger Celeste Bergin said...

Appears that you can paint whatever you want in whatever medium you want! Great job!

3/7/11, 8:01 PM  
Blogger Kim Vanlandingham said...

Lovely! I think it's a great idea to try different mediums. Fantastic job with it!

3/11/11, 10:34 AM  
Blogger loriann signori said...

You are so right Brenda, expanding our understanding of what painting means is always good- whether changing mediums or exploring other possibilities. You made the switch effortlessly- from the thumbnail I thought it was a pastel.

3/11/11, 5:08 PM  
Blogger Brenda Boylan said...

Cindy, yeah, the experimentation with the acrylics solidified my love for the pastel medium. This doesn't mean that I won't experiment with acrylic more, oh no, but that pastel is so dang forgiving!

Thanks Celeste, here's to more cherries...possibly with oils next?

Kimberly, yeah, I think it's great to play with other mediums too. I've painted with pastels exclusively for 17 years now and I think that I am at a point where I should branch out of that cubicle. Thanks

Loriann, thanks. I've noticed when practicing artists switch back and forth to other mediums their style still stays intact. I think that you have done this very well! I found that painting with a brush helped me to find more possibilities with pastel. So now the quest is on!

3/11/11, 6:56 PM  
Anonymous shirley fachilla said...

Beautiful use of color. Until I read the post, I thought I was looking at a pastel.
By the way, I'm an oil painter; and when necessary (which is almost every painting), my fingers wind up being my brush. They work better than bristles!

3/12/11, 4:08 PM  
Blogger Brenda Boylan said...

Thanks Shirley,
Really? You put your fingers in the oil? No longer do I feel alone! :)

3/12/11, 10:33 PM  

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