She flirted with the Dark Side...

A good block-in for my first oil in 23 years, 9x12"

So I did it! I took the leap and painted with oils, albeit a fun learning experience at that. Now that I have ventured over to the Dark Side, as in Darth Vader and his Galactic Empire, I may be tempted to try it again. "Gulp" This devout pastelist did it and here are my observations from the day:

1. Know the names of paint colors. Pastels are not labeled, so painting with oils alongside experienced oil painters is label work. Veridian? Cad Red light? Whahhh? Not so with pastels. Just pick a color and value, and no mixing! Oils are brain work.

2. Bring tubes of paint that aren't dried out! Being that I painted way back in 1988 (ok, I'm dating myself here now) I still have tubes of paint that are good...so I thought. One huge tube of never opened Titanium White came out to the field with me and when I tried to unscrew the top to squeeze out a juicy dab of oil, it was hard as rock...I mean solid.... as in a brick! Does anyone need a paper weight cuz I got one...and it's free!

3. Find a place to put the piece when transporting it home. See the twigs of grass on the upper left? Yup, I dropped the darned thing in the field and didn't think to bring a box to put the wet painting in. I've heard that Monet had sand on his, so I guess I'm following an oil tradition of bringing the outdoors in.

4. Have a good time! Even though it was a challenge, it was met with a lot of excitement rediscovering the medium. Greasy fingers, a hint of purple on my chin, and a couple of good laughs! Now I'm off to clean my brushes. Ugh!


Last week I was headed out to the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts to receive a Blue Ribbon Award for "Passing Point" I received the call a few nights before the ceremony and was so excited that I hung up the phone before I found out what piece won the ribbon. So all the more reason to attend this yearly show.

Passing Point, 24x23" Pastel on sanded paper

This Friday I'm off to Caswell Gallery for the First Friday Art Walk and Quick Draw. If you are in the area, come on out to watch 6 artists create a work of art in about 2 hours. Add a glass of delicious Mt. Defiance red any you are good for the evening.


Blogger Casey Klahn said...

Congratulations on your blue ribbon award!

6/28/11, 9:29 PM  
Anonymous Vanessa said...

This post really made me smile and laugh because I think every artists who's ever tried to rekindle an old love for a medium or start something brand new has gone through this. It can be a lot lot think about and it shows how much you grow with your mediums when you've been working with them for years. I'm sure you will get back into the hang of things. Your underpainting is lovely. I'll pop back in to see it as it progresses.

6/29/11, 6:51 AM  
Blogger Doug Steward Fine Art said...

Congrats on your award also!

Nice job on the oil painting. Bet you had to relearn a bunch of things real quick!

BTW you should try the water based oil paints, after all you are going to have to replace all that old paint anyway. :-)

Easy to clean up and you can still use Murphy Oil Soap to clean those brushes right down to the ferrule.

Keep up the good work and keep blogging.

6/29/11, 7:21 AM  
Blogger Jala Pfaff said...

I am always torn between love for painting in oils and love for painting in pastels. Lately it's been all pastels due to time constraints. I'm missing the juice of oils though.

LOVE the colors in this.

7/1/11, 2:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love how you have laid the colours and made this into a wonderful expressionist piece of art. as for the twigs, i thought they were birds flying! they add to he scene! i have the greatest of respect for pastelists (i cannot for the life of me figure them out) and the fact that you have decided to do some oils also is exciting... it will be great to get your insights on this medium.

7/2/11, 1:02 AM  
Blogger Brenda Boylan said...

Hi Casey, Thanks again!

Vanessa, I'm glad you caught my humorous side :) It was a a bit of a struggle, but I kept the joy in the learning to sidestep the frustration.

Hiya Doug, Yeah, I got a blue ribbon and I"m still glowing!
Water based oils? Would they mix with the oils I have already invested in? I'm using Gamlins because they are a local company. I guess I could call my Gamblin friend/rep.

Jala, I think that the oils will only increase my artistic knowledge. I will always love my pastels, but still flirting with oils. I guess it'd be hamless even if one is married to pastels. LOL

Hi Rahina, Expressionist? Wow, I didn't even see that. Thanks for opening my eyes! I do hope to finish this one off...hopefully in time for the Lavender show this next weekend!

7/3/11, 2:49 PM  

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