Catching up with my shadow!

I've been playing hooky with all my blogging buddies, and it's been nearly a month since my last post. I've hardly had time to keep up with my shadow. So I'll begin where I last left off starting with images from my workshop, and then I'll share what shows I have on the burner. Read on...

Mountainside Lavender, 12x18" Pastel ©Brenda Boylan SOLD

Above is the finished piece that I started out as a demo at the workshop showing a monochromatic underpainting. (Sorry, the photo is dull). Below, I'm demonstrating the underpainting's three values in one hue.

Monochromatic underpainting of "Mountainside Lavender"

The workshop (Sept 28~Oct 1) was a whirlwind of hard, but fun work. We lived pastel for three days and I think I may have wore my students out with my enthusiasm, but hey, that's just my nature. The workshop ended with an "optional" paint-along, but only one student showed up for the paint-along because of our wonderful Oregon rain. It was still fun to get outdoors and paint, even when under a covered space.

Demo of a complimentary underpainting.

The next week, I was the 'student' with pastelist Marla Baggetta. I took her workshop in the beautiful Oregon wine country of Dundee at Maresh Vineyard retreat house as a birthday gift to myself. It's my intention to take a workshop each year to rejuvenate my creative juices, and this was my well earned weekend with great peers, great views, and great instruction! The location offered a fabulous place to gather with a studio space for the class and a great room to eat and gather, all topped with plenty of views to paint. I've heard from so many that Marla is a fabulous instructor and I can honestly say that she is!

Below are a few of my workshop pieces. We had more Oregon drizzle outdoors so I chose to work in the studio from photos.

'Sweep of Vines" 6x6" Pastel ©Brenda Boylan
A quick and dirty little one...

Morning Fury, 7x7" Pastel
another fast one from photo while waiting for the next demo.

"Maresh Farmhouse" 12x13" Pastel ©Brenda Boylan
1 hour plein air in the field (yes, we had a "sun break")

I came away from the workshop wanting to paint faster with less fuss at the easel. My works showed dramatic change over the course of three days. In the beginning, my first works were labored over and I attributed it to fatigue at the easel as I neared the end of the piece. I took note of this as I began my next piece. I have noticed that when I work under a timed period, pressure produces exciting work with more energy than any other work. But the trick is to find a good composition and sketch it out prior putting pastel to paper.

"Pouring the Toast" 18x12" Pastel ©Brenda Boylan
A self-imposed 1-hour challenge from photo reference....loose and quick was the ticket here.

After two weekends of workshops I think it's time to get back to work, eh? So I began preparing art for two group shows and working on a couple of commissions. Now I'm back blogging...

So come on out to one of these shows and share a laugh with me. Two group shows this weekend, one International Show next weekend, and the Butler Institute of American Art for those of you who live in Ohio. For date and times see the "Upcoming Events" to the right---->

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Blogger Casey Klahn said...

Wow! I'm impressed with your pace! Keep up the good work, and it's fun to see behind your learning and teaching.

BTW, blogger is being funny, because I tried to click on your images, and they either wouldn't open, or the wrong one would open. And they say computers never err.

11/1/11, 8:23 AM  
Blogger Brenda Boylan said...

Thanks Casey...
I noticed that they have put the images on the blog in a viewer...maybe the ticket is your computer doesn't like the viewer?
Cheers to more artistic journeys. :)

11/2/11, 12:54 PM  
Anonymous Vanessa said...

I'm sure your workshop was a blast of fun. I surely would have been back for the paint along! Your work is lovely!

11/6/11, 12:04 PM  
Blogger Brenda Boylan said...

Thanks Vanessa. I hope to host another pastel workshop in the winter months and will post that once I find a spot to hold it.

11/10/11, 11:53 AM  
Blogger showtimeart.com said...

Beautiful artwork. I have to try pastel as well.

12/4/11, 2:50 AM  

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