Making room for creativity

A crop of a city scene painting I'm currently working on

There are times when I feel like I could just scream from the frustration of interruptions to creativity.  But in reality, I have too many bowling balls that I'm juggling along with a very busy and productive family life.  This is why I haven't posted in a while.  So many things are happening at one time, and most of them are not artistic endeavors. Bleh!  

Made room for painting today and this has made me feel better and more complete.  I put on some tango music and that really made me wiggle into the creative mode again.  Here is a cropped portion of what I'm working on, and it's been a fight all the way.  Work and re-work. It's a city scene inspired from a trip into the rose city, Portland. The buildings want to curve and bend, the sky wishes to be yellow and the cars keep moving.  I love it all!  I think the tango music is making it's influence.

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Blogger Celeste Bergin said...

I'll be watching for the final piece---it looks amazing so far!

2/28/12, 6:30 PM  
Blogger Donna T said...

Thanks for this post, Brenda. Sometimes life and painting time do not cooperate with each other. It just makes getting back on track feel that much better. Nice city scene!

2/29/12, 4:57 AM  
Anonymous Vanessa said...

Oooh the suspense! Aww you're teasing us with just a crop. Can't wait to see the finished piece, looks really good so far.

2/29/12, 5:28 AM  
Blogger Brenda Boylan said...

Thanks ladies...even I can't wait to get back to my easel! As I count up all the things I must do day in and day out, I'm still noodling some time in the studio.

2/29/12, 1:04 PM  

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