Surprise Workshop treats!

Sample pastels from the generous Terry Ludwig

This is a newsy post, so stay with me....

In preparation for my next pastel workshop I had contacted Terry Ludwig and asked if he offers sample packs so I could introduce these wonderful pastels to my students. He generously sent me a couple of boxes to share with my students, and I was surprised at the contents.  It was thoughtful of Terry to have hand rolled these samples with little "notes" on them.  They remind me of those Valentine's Day candies. My students will get their pick of these beauties as well as another box of sample pastels to start them off on their artistic journey. There is still room in my 3-day intensive workshop coming March 30, 31, and April 1st.  Registration and information can be found online HERE, and don't hesitate to call me if you need help with hotel recommendations.

I'm still working on my cityscape (my last post) but honestly, I think I want to cut it up into little pieces.  The energy seems to come and go from it, I'm fighting it all the way, and my colors are tending to go flat as well.  So instead of fighting it, I have put it away for now and I will return to it to and hopefully discover new energy and excitement. Oh well.

Trilogy Quick Draw painting in one hour.

Also, this past Saturday evening I participated in a very special event called the Trilogy Winemaker's Dinner and Quick Draw Auction at the Allison Inn & Spa. 18 talented artists were there to make a work of art in 1 hour.  Here I am proudly holding my finished piece titled "Champagne for Everyone" that sold to Portland's own Thomas Kitts.  I think the highest compliment to an artist is when another fine artist purchases his or her work, don't you think?

Which leads me to my last bit of news: I have made plans to attend the first ever Plein Air Conference held in Las Vegas this coming April 12-15th. If you are attending this event, please look me up. I would love to connect with you. Until then, happy painting!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

unbelievable that this was done in an hour! beautiful!

3/5/12, 10:38 PM  
Blogger Celeste Bergin said...

oh cool, you are going to the conference! I hope you will do a report when you get back. That's great of Terry L to send you pastels. Great guy! I'll be checking back to see what you do with the cityscape :)

3/6/12, 10:32 PM  

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