A Direct Relative, 8x10

"A Direct Relative" 8x10" Oil

Getting a lot painted in oils these past few days and again I went out to paint more fragrant lavender.  Oh, how beautiful it has been here in Oregon. Out in the country there are so many paintings everywhere in every direction.  Barns, glowing fields of canola, whispy wheat, and of course lavender.  We've had a thick yellowish haze in the sky from the warm summer sun, adding some great atmospheric opportunities for artists.  Today was an especially fun day painting with a few other artists (Don Bishop, Michael Orwick, Jackie McCartin) out at Mountainside Lavender.  I wouldn't call a fallen easel much fun, it does test one's humor and resistance to let the little things get in our way.  I just had to laugh this one off because I've had this happen so many times from a top heavy set-up.  When will I learn to weigh it down????  

Off to a great start!

After my calamity at Mountainside, I headed out towards Yamhill to paint a vineyard view in the evening light at Woodland Lavender with artists Michael Orwick, Ramona Youngquist, Jackie McCartin and Sandy (name?) The scenery was incredible but my painting was a total flop! Here's a beautiful view of a vineyard in the early evening haze. Nope, it's not Italy!  

Tonight I'm off to more painting adventures painting (with pastels) for a private party in the community of Dunthorpe. 

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Blogger Celeste Bergin said...

You really paint a GREAT lavender painting...excellent work...bravo!!!

7/10/12, 8:04 PM  
Blogger Brenda Boylan said...

Hey thanks Celeste! As you well know, lavender can easily be a drab subject with all the rows and rows or purple. I think the tele-polls or trees may be helpful with that.

7/11/12, 11:26 AM  

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