Mountainside Lavender, 8x10

"Mountainside Lavender" 8x12" Oil ©Brenda Boylan

Since my return from Los Gatos, I've been taking much needed time with my family and also enjoying the 4th of July events around town. This coming week I will be painting for the Yamhill Lavender Festival's Plein Air show.  It's a small venue and out in the countryside, but it's so worth the hike out there for something off the beaten path. Some lavender farms are more picturesque than others, much like Mountainside Lavender that has a couple of fields full of a variety of lavender.  I love the sun on my skin, the fragrant air, and the sound of bees buzzing.  Many people come out to cut their own lavender for whatever they use it for and while they pick away, I just hope for a moment that they would just hold still enough for me to paint them into my work.  Perhaps I'll challenge myself on the next piece with this idea, eh?  It's funny, I heard someone talking about cooking with lavender while I was painting away, thinking how that would taste. Oh, the thoughts we think as we paint away in pure heaven.  Ahhhh

Here is my painting and the subject.

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Blogger eric bowman said...

Brenda! This is a great piece! At first I thought it was a pastel, but more impressed that it's an oil -- and that your oils are catching up with your prowess in the pastel medium...well done! Congrats in placing at Los Gatos too -- I hope I can follow your example in Easton next week...

7/7/12, 12:20 AM  
Blogger maalari ja piirtäjä said...

terveisiä Suomesta, hienoja maalauksia.
Hyvää kesää

7/7/12, 9:58 AM  
Blogger Brenda Boylan said...

Thanks Eric for your glowing compliments on this oil. That means a lot to me since I deeply admire your work! Thanks!

7/8/12, 7:22 PM  
Blogger Brenda Boylan said...

Thanks Maalari.
English translation: Greetings from Finland, fine paintings. Have a nice summer

7/11/12, 11:31 AM  

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