Count them...4, and "Turp, Bestine & Phalo"

"Turp, Bestine, & Phalo" 6x6" Oil, $300.

This is a long post, so don't tell me I didn't warn you...

The Christmas season is in full swing and with that artists love to make small, affordable works for those who want a little something special. Many galleries have found this to be a great time to present small works of art that are priced to sell. Perhaps it's our way of providing someone the opportunity to consider collecting a small jewel for the very first time. Above, I offer this fresh off the easel piece of traditional artist supplies.  I plucked these little models off of the shelf of Kat's Studio 30, and painted them with such enjoyment.  They remind me of my days as a design student in college, as we used Bestine a lot. It was a solvent that graphic designers used for getting the gummy stuff off of their mock-ups and paste-up advertisements.  Yes, it's old school here, but definitely good feelings went into this one. In this piece I have worked in some interesting textures, lost and found edges, and the simple triangle composition.  This one is offered directly through me, so email through this blog if you are interested.

This season I have 4, yes four, opportunities to show my work, two of which are offering small works.  

My favorite one to participate in and I am pleased as punch to be selected into the 6" Squared show hosted annually by Randy Higbee Gallery.   Randy selects 500 or more works of art from a plethora of well known artists from across the nation. All are incredible, all are 6x6".  Randy does a great job of getting them all framed and up on the walls for their opening on Dec as well as providing a very easy way to purchase online.  All are framed in his beautiful frames.  These works below are offered in this frame HERE.  Here is the opening announcement  for the Randy Higbee Gallery in Costa Mesa  

And here are the goods....

"Adiri Vines" 6x6, Oil  
$300. Click to buy HERE

"Adiri Vines" 6x6, Oil  

And then......

And then there is the "Good Things, Small Packages" show at Art Elements Gallery.  I posted these cuties before, but I'm including them again. There will be 6 small 6x6" pastel pieces being shown in this gallery for this holiday show. These particular pieces have been recluse and enjoyed by many in my home, but hidden from public.  I have decided to offer these special pieces for this gallery from special request from Art Elements as they asked for small pieces in pastel that were priced to sell for the season. This gallery rests in the center of Oregon's Wine Country, Newberg, OR.  Here are the selections that will be offered:

"Lemons in Red Bowl" 6x6" Pastel $250

"Sometimes Being Sour has its Privileges" 6x6" Pastel  $250

"Blue Plate, Orange" 6x6" Pastel  $250

"Duet" 6x6" Pastel  $250

"Staged Zest" 6x6" Pastel  $250

These pieces will be offered through the gallery for this month only,. You can easily purchase them by calling (503) 487-6141.

And again, there is MORE!  Yes, more...

I will be showing at the 20th anniversary Gala opening at Caswell Gallery this coming Friday, Dec 7th. I will have 18 pieces up on the walls, some of which will have their first debut.  I am really excited for this show, as these pieces offer a very different side of my art making. Here are a few...

"She Wore Red" 10x8" Oil $620

'Urban Posts"  14x11" Oil  $780

"The Gates of ESCO" 12x9" Oil  $675

And finally the fourth "A Special Offering" of art...

A one shot deal. Better known as a "Pop Up" show, I will be offering several pastels at drastically reduced prices at Kat Sowa's Studio 30 on Saturday, Dec 8th. My works will be offered in this Pop Up Show at a discounted price.  Nothing is wrong with them, they are all beautiful works of art but, only because I am currently framing my work in a different frame style, it would take too much time and money for me to reframe them all. So, I've opted to release them at drastic prices.  This is a one time event.  

So that's the run down.  I do hope I didn't lose you in this long, shameless plug of self promotion as it's been a wild ride this year and it's all finally coming to a head. I feel like I've been spinning plates again, but realistically, I think I wouldn't have it any other way.  

All my best to you.



Blogger Casey Klahn said...

Wow! My very best wishes in all of these shows. I haven't seen ...ESCO before, and that is a very fine work.

12/2/12, 7:26 AM  
Blogger Brenda Boylan said...

HI Casey,
I' must have overlooked posting ESCO, as I really like it too. Perhaps I posted it to my Fan Page and never moved to the blog...oh the multitude of online venues.

12/3/12, 7:44 PM  
Blogger Arty Quin said...

Congratulations on all your well-deserved success lately, Brenda. Looking forward to showing with you Saturday!

12/3/12, 8:19 PM  
Blogger Brenda Boylan said...

Thanks so much Quin. It will be a lot of fun showing with you at Kat's Studio this coming Saturday. Pulling all my unframed works out for this one as well as my wallet for this one as I'm sure I'll find a few gems too.

12/3/12, 8:31 PM  

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