Woven Hills of Adiri, 24x24 and New Year notes

"Woven Hills of Adiri" 24x24" Pastel

Here is the finished piece I posted about last week. It took me a few more days to finally call it complete, stalled by Christmas and New Years guests, parties, presents, and much needed sleep. But the vacation is over and now it's back to work, out and about and in the studio. I am looking forward to it all. Part of my goals include more adventures, teaching more workshops, and perhaps add a few new galleries in the mix. 

Today I went over to Kat's "Studio 30" in Saint John's to paint a still life. Kat's Studio is a very warm and welcoming place that offers several painting opportunities for artists.  Celeste Bergin posts work from the paint-out sessions held every Friday at Studio 30 on the Alla Prima Portland Blog. Today I worked on a still life, but I think I still have a few marks to make on it before calling it good. 

"Jelly Jar" 6x6" Oil

Oils have been a lot of fun and I love learning new things every time I pick up a paintbrush. Today's effort I used a palette knife for 70% of this piece. Can you tell?

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Blogger rugged breed said...

That painting is so lively it may be simple but you can see the creativity and hardwork from it, and besides I think that painting has been done for months, amazing!

Zero Dramas

1/8/13, 2:25 PM  
Blogger Diana Moses Botkin said...

It's wonderful, Brenda! Palette knife paintings are very intriguing.

1/11/13, 12:49 AM  
Blogger Brenda Boylan said...

Hi Adel,
Thanks for the (lively) compliments on my work. Always facinating to read what others see in my work.

Thanks Diana. I think I'm attracted to palette knife work because it is much like making side strokes of a pastel...(my first love).

1/11/13, 4:09 PM  

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