Fanno Creek Wetland, 16x12

"Fanno Creek Wetland" 16x12" Oil on canvas panel
This piece is available HERE

Today was just gorgeous outside.  After being covered with overcast skies and a few sun breaks here and there, we finally got a full day of sunshine and warmer temps.  I actually think I got some color on my face, and no, I'm not talking about the surprise splotch of oil paint on my face either. This piece was  plein air painted just off of a long stretch of water called Fanno Creek that runs the span of two cities;  Beaverton and Tigard, Oregon. Amazing, the amount of pedestrians walking their dogs, strolling their babies, or jogging along don't even notice a painter, while just a few will stop to chat and ask about my work. Do they have art hanging in their own homes that they take notice? Anyway, this one is available in DailyPaintWorks  by auction. Starting bid is pretty low, so if you are interested, just click here.

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