PFAFF, 6x6

"PFAFF" 6x6" Oil

After a long two weeks with family and festivities, I finally got back to painting for an entire day. Having stored up a lot of creative energy, I got super focused and dove into the "illustrative" mode. Much like meditation, I figure it a great way to solve all the worlds problems when I go deep into painting. What do you think of when you create? There is no real answer for me, but perhaps it's just solving what's before me;  shapes, color, value, depth, space, and perhaps the all the  emotional stuff going on in one's head too. As for this one above, it was an escape back to painting I so enjoyed.  The little PFAFF sewing machine oil can was found at an antique store in Klamath Falls, OR., and the wooden spool and clothes pin are my dear neighbors. The buttons are from her endless collection too.  Perhaps not centered accurately, it could stand to have some air above the can's spigot and less "base" at the bottom. 

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