Painting Monterey County

"Waiting to Fish"  8x8" Oil  $650 framed

Well my friend, I can honestly say that the Monterey coastline and it's vicinity is practically the best place on earth for plein air painting! I know I've said that of Yosemite, and then Palm Springs desert, and then Hood River, OR., but every time I head out the door to plein air paint, there is always another beautiful scene that tops the prior spot. There is good reason to celebrate our country's scenic spots and all it has to offer us. 

I painted about 9 pieces in all, but I was not as productive due to a bit of gluten exposure which made it difficult for me to concentrate, but I recovered well enough to continue on my quest. My first piece, "Waiting to Fish" above, was a rather quick one at a boat repair shop out in Moss Landing. We spotted it on our drive south from the San Jose Airport. There was a crusty ol' man of the sea, Gordon, who quietly worked inside of this boat while I painted it with my friends. He was trying to fix his livelihood of lives, nestled amidst old shacks, fishing gear, ladders, and mechanical equipment of unknown sorts. Pretty interesting stuff indeed that I secretly promised I would return to paint again someday.

With painting friends Sergio, Michael, Anton, and Jennifer at Moss Landing.

One of the best spots of all was Garrapata. It is located south of Monterey some 15 miles or so, but beware, it is lined with poison oak!  If you ever lose your balance and fall into it while hiking the trail, then you better be prepared to bargain with yourself because this place is well worth the itch. Although I am not allergic to it, I still would have to say it's beautiful beyond measure. The color of the water was turquoise as it crashed upon the cliffs. The "gang" and I met up with pastelist Aaron Schuerr and his 13 year old son Jasper to paint as the sun rose.  The piece below was about my favorite piece from entire trip.

Garrapata Morning  12x16" Oil  $1,400 framed

Viewing north with artwork on the easel at Garrapata.

Garrapata Response 12x16"  Oil $1,400 framed

This was my second one that was just around the bend looking at the Pacific ocean. You might be able to see the shadows cast from the thick paint in the lower left of the piece.  

Painting in Garrapata with Jennifer Diehl

"Pastures of Heaven" 12x16"  Oil  $1,350

Then one morning we ventured out to Steinbeck country, to the Pastures of Heaven, from which he titled one of his pieces. It was so spectacular as the sun rose and kissed the green hills dotted with oaks. We had to quickly respond to the morning's brush of light with paint as it was a fleeting sight to see. While we painted Pastures of Heaven, we had a visitor who happened to be a freelance journalist, and so, shamefully, we got into the local paper. Yup, that's me, front and center!

Garland Eucs"  8x8" Oil  $650 framed

There were many more spots that were just as magical to share with you, but too many to share in one blog entry.  Sergio suggested this one place inland from Monterey called Garland Ranch.

Well my friend, that is about all I can write about tonight, so I'm going to sign off for now. I hope you enjoyed the journey.


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