Intoxicated by Plein Air

Largely employed by the sunny weather, I have nearly abandoned my studio life.... and the electric eye. Alas, I take a moment to check in with you and the world beyond my measure. I love the warmer weather and its lure of adventure and color.  My journey is swift and so is this update.  Be well my friend, as I have not forgotten you.  


"An Alternate Route" 12x16" Pastel  Los Gatos Plein Air ©Brenda Boylan

"Brunch at Zeppo's" 12x16" Pastel  ©Brenda Boylan
Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts "Sponsor's Award"  

"Purple Penumbra" 16x20" Oil ©Brenda Boylan
Willamette Valley Lavender Festival Plein Air event, Honorable Mention

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