Laguna Day 5 Recap

Wednesday morning and this is our last day of painting for the show so Jennifer and I returned back to Crystal Cove to paint the beautiful cliffs of Pelican Point. She wanted to finish her big piece, and well, I loved the place so much that I came along to paint a similar, yet smaller piece. There we were, painting away and what should propel across our view? A blimp of all things. Only in So. Cal I guess. By now I had everything I needed for the show and I was getting more excited for the Gala as well as feeling the rush to wrap the work up.   

Painting always makes me hungry.

Completed piece on the easel

"The Cliffs of Pelican Point" 8x10" Pastel ┬ęBrenda Boylan (sold)

We packed it up and then we went to my host's house to do a little touch-up, photographing of the work, and signature signing before we had to head out to Randy Higbee's frame shop by 6:30.  But first, let me back up a bit to explain the one of the best parts about painting in Laguna.  Prior leaving for any trip like this, you have to arrange for your frames either by assembling and shipping them ahead of time at huge cost, or packaging them up and bringing them on the plane as extra luggage, all peppered with a little frustration and sweat. However, this time, I had the convenience of pre- ordering from Randy Higbee's King of Frames. The best part is that Randy Higbee has a "framing party" at his frame shop on the night before turn-in that eliminates all the stress of getting work framed for the show. The only hard part is deciding what frame style and size of painting you plan on framing a few weeks prior the event. You bring all your artwork to his team to assemble....all while being treated to a buffet meal and wine. How easy is that?  Super easy when you are dealing with pastels and glazing.

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