Laguna Day 6 Recap - Turn in work

These 3 pieces were my entries for the judging in the main gallery. We were also allowed up to 6 additional pieces for display in the artists library.

"Intersection on 1" 16x16" Pastel (sold)

"Pelican Point" 16x20" Pastel  (sold)

"The Backway" 14x11"  Pastel

Here are two very tired, yet very happy artists Jennifer Diehl and Greg LaRock
turning in their finished pieces,

It's Thursday morning and it was time to turn in all our work from 8-10:00 am.  

What has to happen prior submission of art is where the rubber hits the road. Dealing with fatigue and last minute decisions, making sure the inventory is picture perfect, paperwork matches the inventory titles, and stickers affixed with the pricing on the back of each piece is the crazy part that always gets me in a tizzy. It can be both exciting and frustrating. Then somehow miraculously, I have to figure out how to fit all that work into my tiny rental car without denting a frame or smearing a painting. It may seem easy, but this is where the plein air competitor earns his or her income, and a can be the tie breaker if not dealt with humor and stress releasing cussing. 

While checking in my work, I observed happy artists grinning to have wrapped up a week of wonderful non-stop painting. The treat when turning in work is being able to see all the other's work firsthand prior curating.  Some stunning artwork indeed. Unfortunately when I came around to my work, I saw condensation forming behind the glazing of 2 of my competition pieces. This will happen when a glazed piece is placed in hot, direct sunlight. Now you'd probably expect me to blow a gasket by now, but luckily I had my framing tool kit and was able to remove the backing off of my pieces to allow some air flow. All was all resolved.

The Gala wasn't until Friday night, so all the artists had over 32 hours to relax and do what artists do when in Laguna Beach;  gallery hop! So a few of us headed out to the Irvine Museum to view the current exhibition "Independent Visions- Women Artists of California, 1880-1940", followed by lunch and a few other fine galleries on the PCH.

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