Winterglow, 9x12

"Winterglow" 9x12" Oil

Winter. Well I tell you, it is either cold outside or raining. Take your pick, Oregon has some crappy weather in the winter for plein air artists. However, if you can find your way outside while the rain stops or the sun shines, then by all means take that opportunity to paint. We recently had a dumping of fresh snow up at Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood and the snow reports have been nothing short of "perfect".  So my family and I went up for a snow day. They get to ski, and I get to paint, and it was my first time painting in the snow. 

Plein air setup with a sun-shield

The snow is beautiful in the sunlight, with glittering color and shifts of light, however that sunlight can really burn you up with all the reflective light.  I clipped on a car shield to my easel to protect my eyes from the glare and eye fatigue. I think next time I'll bring a black tarp too, to stand upon so that the brightness of the snow is not reflecting back up at me.

Overall, I had a great time painting in the snow and plan on more opportunities to do so again.

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Blogger Mitch said...


You are braver than I am; I've tried painting in the cold and my brush shakes so much it's hard to get anything done. But you seem to have managed quite well with this nice piece. If you like the cold, clear days, there should be a few of them just ahead.

1/3/17, 5:21 AM  
Blogger Brenda Boylan said...

Oh Mitch, I really was pleasant up there as I was in direct sunlight with no wimd. Made for a really great day! Just dont sit in the snow with jeans on. :)

1/3/17, 7:00 AM  

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