Your Hidden Gifts... or Art they?

When I was a littler kid, I was usually found quietly entertaining myself by making something with my hands, and pestering or instigating trouble with my sister. My wild side provided endless curiosity to make things; whether with crayon, pencil, paint, clay, wire, tissue paper, gum wrappers, mud, food...you name it. Sometimes the result was a mess!  Making something out of nothing was pretty much a self-driven therapy. I often thank the heavens I'm not crazy...or am I?  So to all of you creative souls out there, I'm sending you suggestions for a year filled with curiously fun adventures, creative opportunities, artistic possibilities, and hopefully some new art supplies that will keep on giving for years to come...

This Advanced Pastel class is an 8-week series that will cover the finer points of pastel painting and beyond, with the still life as our subject. Designed for the artists who have a solid understanding of pastel painting. Artists will have the choice of painting a still life that is composed and worked on each week over a series of sessions, OR, from a new still life composition each week. The artist must have knowledge of painting vernacular and skills based upon previous lessons, experience and instructor approval.  

In this course we will cover everything pastel that is 'chalk full' of information with plenty of time to practice and finesse your newfound knowledge. We will build upon your skill, understanding, and confidence in the medium through a progression of exercises on the many aspects of pastels.  We will be breaking down the values of pastels, exploring the facets of mark-making, discovering your style with pastels, under-painting techniques, and more. This is a great course for those who wish to discover the medium, learn about pastel on a broader level, or for those who wish to push their pastel work to the next level.  Perfect for Beginner to Intermediate levels.

Wishing you a wonderful, adventurous 2019

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Thank you so much for the detailed article

1/15/19, 9:58 PM  
Blogger Brenda Boylan said...

Your are welcome!

1/16/19, 8:45 PM  

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