Morning Birches 10x8

Morning Birches 10x8" o/l  

Overlooked, average, and often undiscovered spaces close to home can be the most inspiring places to paint.  Once you slow down and really look around you, you will find all sorts of unsung beauty.  Here is a spot just around the corner from my house that I drive past nearly every day.  It was a chilly Fall morning with the sun rising just behind the rooftops, and there it was...this stand of small birches highlighted by a glowing, rainbow-like mist. I gotta STOP! And so I made a swift U-turn back to my house, picked up my painting gear and returned a few minutes later to paint it.  Now every time I drive past this unnoticed spot of beauty, I will always remember what I saw and what was painted. Art does that. It takes us somewhere else, calms us, and settles our busy lives down.  Take in a moment and look around you while running your next errand. What do you see? 

This piece is headed to the New Visions show at The Mission Gallery in St. George, UT. March 21-22, 2019

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