Chosen Faculty for Plein Air LIVE!

Sharing a bit of shameless self promotion.

I've been asked to be on staff for the Beginner's Day, April 14th at the 2021 Plein Air Live event.
Join me and others as I share tips, tricks, and advised experience on painting outdoors. Pastels have their own qualities that make plein air a very rewarding experience...but there are some pitfalls and challenges too. My focus will be on plein air with pastels along with other Professional artists teaching Oil, Watercolor, and Acrylic for the Plein Air Live "Beginners Day".
Boot up your computer, laptop, or smartphone, grab a note pad, and your sense of humor to learn and laugh along with me and other professional artists as I demonstrate my method with pastels en plein air. This "Beginners Day" is available through registering for the Plein Air Live event.
Learn more at Plein Air Live April 14-17th HERE!


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