Creative Literacy Project

"Sleeping On Shoe"

Hooray! Creative Literacy Project Has had it's first successful month! I got the notice today that my book, "Fat Black Cat" was selected for a class project of special needs children! This means that my first royalty check will be in the mail soon! This has been a wonderful project to work on and am pleased at the quality of how the "self publishing" guide works for the young authors. Developed for young writers, a book can be selected with the basic theme in place, allowing a child to write how the story goes. As an artist, this allows my work to be reproduced on demand with the additional joy it brings to a child. Check it out!


CresceNet said...
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Just Plain 'Jane' said...

Love your artwork! This reminds me of my cat!! I also love the title of your blog. You make me want to get out my pastels and get to work!