Color Study #1

Color Study #1 5" x 5"

Lately, I have been in this mood to see what I could do to bring more sparkle to my work. I greatly admire artists who use color to evoke memories or feelings into their work. About a week ago, I came upon this book called "Mastering Color" by artist Vicki McMurry. I love how she creates such mood in her paintings. I am working on a few experimental pieces to see what I can come up with, copying her painting palette and work as a way to better understand just how to get that "sparkle". So, here is an attempt at one of her pieces that is in her book. It's not as good as Vicki's, but it's just practice for now.

Here is the palette that I used for the above piece. There are a few colors that are duplicated. Anyway, That's it for now.


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