Plein-air today!

"Crimson Clover" 12x12"

"Red Rows" 9x12"

Today I took a trip with 4 other artists to North Plains and found a field of crimson clover to paint and WOW, what beautiful colors and the view all around was great! Weather for an Oregon spring was just fabulous, it almost makes up for all the drizzle we've had for the past 3 weeks. The first piece, "Crimson Clover" is part of a farmer's crop to replenish the soil, and if you turned around and looked behind, there would be the scene of red rows of shrubbery. Not so sure of the plant, but it was redder than the clover. I may tweak these pieces a bit, giving them a few final touches back in the studio. But, for now, this is it!


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