June's First Thursday at Dan Saltzman's office

Dan Jones and artist Brenda Boylan

Mary, Me (Brenda), and Patty

My First Thursday reception at the office of Commissioner Dan Saltzman was a quick and speedy "2 hour" opening! If you are visiting downtown Portland, you can still go in to City Hall and see the work for the rest of the month of June, and is on view during regular business hours. City Hall is a beautiful building and is host to a few other artists located in some of the other city employee's offices as well. A number of friends and art lovers came out to visit me and view my pastel works on sandpaper. Above, are my artist friends Mary and Patty, from the Village Art Gallery critique group, who came out to support me at the show. Thanks ladies! And "Thanks" to the many people who came out to support me! The show will be up until June 30th.

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Blogger Celeste Bergin said...

Congratulations, Brenda. I will try to get downtown to see the show!

6/17/08, 11:45 PM  

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