10 Minute Exercise

10 Minute Exercize, 9x12"

In Maggie's next lesson, she prepared us for a Plein air experience. Although we were doing this exercise indoors, it still prepared us to go outside. Anyway, we were given this fun exercise to paint a 9 x 12" painting from a photo resource using 12 pastels, no longer than an 1" long (because we use the sides, right?) all within 10 minutes! We were encouraged to paint as quickly as possible, no details, no noodling. Just get the color down! This was to stretch our eyes and to get our hearts racing, because when we went outside to paint, we had to race with the sun! Maggies tips for plein air painting were:

Never spend more than an 1 1/2 hours on a plein air piece. The sun moves quickly in any window of light.

Capture shadows first, then the sunlight. (Don't move/chase the shadows)

Get what you get.

Nature is our best teacher. Don't retouch in the studio if at all possible!

Every inch of your painting is a learning experience.

It should take you no more than 10 min. to set up your easel and supplies.


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