Where The Koi Go, 9x12

"Where the Koi Go" 9x12"   Sold

Water and reflections are very intriguing to the viewer. I find it mesmerizing. This is probably the most challenging element to paint, but such a beautiful one as well. Water is my favorite subject to paint. It is written about in depth (no pun intended here) in my artists' statement. In Maggies' workshop, I was thrilled when she had water as one of our studies. Here are some tips to know that she shared with us that give a painting that "wet" look.

* Deep water has a dark base.
*Lay in the reflections after painting the surrounding environments.
*Give only one "splash" the lightest value, making that particular splash the star of the painting.
*Use a skipping scumbling stroke for moving water.
*Reflections always come toward the viewer, shadows can cross over a reflection.
*What is reflected always is affected by how high or low the viewer's perspective is coming from.
*The color of reflections always depends on the color and depth of the water.
*A light object will reflect a bit darker, a dark object will reflect a bit lighter.

I've painted this scene once before, so it was a snap in the workshop. But, I must say, it is better the second time around!


Blogger Darilyn said...


I love art so after talking with you today I had to check out your website that was on your card and that led me to your blog. I saw that you do Art Literacy. Are you still doing that? I have been the Art Literacy coordinator for Hazeldale for the past three years. I also love Pastels, they are my absolute favorite type of art pieces. I'm going to go now and check out some of your work. Great to see that you have a blog and I"m going to add you to my blog reader so I get your updates!

- Darilyn (makenzie's mom)

8/7/08, 9:46 PM  
Blogger Brenda Boylan said...

Thanks Darilyn,
It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday!
I won't be doing Art Lit this year, but I'll be back in the fold next year for sure. I"m glad you like pastels! SO DO I!

8/8/08, 12:46 PM  
Blogger Donna T said...

Gorgeous painting, Brenda! Thanks so much for the water tips - I really needed them.

8/11/08, 5:26 AM  
Blogger Celeste Bergin said...

When I saw this piece a immediately remembered a koi piece that I attempted. My koi wouldn't stay in the water and looked like it was on top of the water...like a boat! lol! Yours, on the other hand, is so on the mark! beauuuuutiful! FIVE STARS!

8/18/08, 6:28 AM  

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