Portland Open Studios 2008 Demos

Pastel demo #1, 5 x 5"

Pastel demo #2, 5 x 5"

Today was Portland Open Studios....and I'm thrilled to say I painted 12 small demo pieces! We had a great crowd of visitors, some staying for nearly an hours' worth of demos. I was telling one of my visitors that sometimes it's hard to do this year after year, but what has kept me in this program is the validation of my vocation. Every person who walks through my front door gets an inside look into what makes me tick. They compliment, appreciate, and are inspired to paint something of their own. The appreciation from my visitors is really where I feel it. This is why I do this year after year. However, I have decided to put the brakes on Open Studios for next year or so and take a rest. I'm burning out and would like to try other venues of marketing my work. But for now, I will have my doors open for the tourists for this weekend and next. Now, when the application comes out next year to apply for the Open Studios, will I stick by my word?.....

Anyway, these two pieces I painted each in about 15 minutes. They both have under-paintings of a violet purple. The under-paintings really help with the overall mood. I sold 2 demos off the easel today, which was a fun treat for the visitor and myself !

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