Summer Field (study), 6x6

"Summer Field, study", 6x6, Pastel on sandpaper

My grandparents were farmers during the Great Depression and for many years after. When I was a small child, my Mom and Dad would take the long drive from California to Creswell, Oregon to visit my Grandparents on the farm. Visiting the farm was a special time for us...allowing the time to unwind, play in the bales of hay, swing on the hammock, and discover grasshoppers. Getting dirty was a part of this ritual. This scene is the current view from the farmhouse, looking South. It is a late July afternoon and the summer is just showing it's muscle in elevated degrees. I painted three of this scene, each a bit different from the other. Here is the first of that series. $75.00, unframed.


Blogger Regina Calton Burchett said...

Really great sky and I love the overall feel of this piece - what nice memories you must have of this farm.

10/26/08, 11:28 AM  

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