Autumn Song, 6x6

"Autumn Song"  6x6"  Pastel on sanded paper

This past week I was getting art ready for a show and found that a piece that was submitted had never been recorded in my inventory of art.  How could I miss this one!  So I had to take it out of the frame, scan it in, price and re-frame it.  Shortly after scanning it into my computer, my "painting buddy"  Rosie, whom I say affectionately, sat right on top of my painting!  All she wanted was some attention...well she got it!  I gingerly picked her up and brushed the loose pastel pigment off of her fur and then inspected the art.  A few smears and smudges, but not too bad of a mess.  I was able to repair the damage easily, but it's not the same.  So, here is my new piece, painted in the fall of last year...and it is now officially in my inventory.  I'm considering getting one of those programs for artists that help track their artwork.  Gosh that darned kitty!  Do you have a painting buddy?

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