An afternoon at Macadam Design Center

Doing demos of my creative process is a lot of fun! Actually, I should be teaching this stuff more often because the information flows out like a river...

On Saturday I had the opportunity to work at Macadam Floor and Design Center along with Christy Perrine to promote Amato's Gallery of artists. Christy and I pretty much finished our pieces during the 3 hour event. That's including interacting with the visitors who are always curious about "chalk" paintings! Ha! Alas, I am quick to point out that this is soft pastel, a pure pigment, just like the pigment in oil paints but without the oil! So I let them try a pastel on a small sample of the paper that I work on (Wallis). I think being an artist has it's responsibility of educating the public on our craft. The more they understand what we do and how we do it, the more they will appreciate and value our work! Enough said!

So, who wants lessons! :)


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