Woven Hills, 11x14

"Woven Hills, 11x14" Pastel on sanded paper

Growing up in both the southern and northern areas along the California coast brings many images to mind.  I love the rolling golden hills dotted with oaks that seeme to go on forever, often viewed from the back seat of a speeding car on Hwy 101.  I remember the golden, yet often reddish haze of the late afternoon light, just before sunset that would sparkle over a busy city street or cut over the Santa Cruz mountains.  Ahhh, Californiaaaah! If it weren't for high taxes and congestion in that state, I'd probably move back. But Portland has it's Sauvie Island and so it is where I call home.

This piece was painted from a couple of reference photos I took of oak dotted hills and composed together.  Not all my photos make for perfect paintings, and while I'd rather paint plein air, there are times when I'm just not able to go out and find a view of rolling California hills.  I'll leave that for my trip to Los Gatos this coming week....

Los Gatos Plein Air is my favorite event of the year, mostly because I grew up in the area and know it well. The painting takes place June 11~15th (perhaps some rolling oak dotted hills?) and then the Los Gatos town center will have our work up for silent auction on June 16th. If you are in the area, be sure to drop by.

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Blogger JD said...

Dear friend I saw your All works so Unbelievable work.How do you this type excellent work can,t believed and mindblowin. dear your landscape work naturally beautiful like nature gift you tree, sky land also excellent color test. Dear when you are coming India so inform me I can meet you and fill proud so thanks.

6/18/12, 11:43 PM  

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