Scooter Stop, 10x8

"Scooter Stop" 10x8" Oil

Life has been non stop for me so please pardon my lack of posting activity. Honestly, I can't tell you how much busier life has been for me since March, and I don't see it stopping until I get my daughter off to college and all settled in. The distractions are plentiful and too much to list lest I bore you. Just suffice it to say I have been brewing up a lot of pastel dust and oil.  Here is a piece I did today that I am pretty happy with from an outing in the low down area of Union Station (the famous Go By Train station in downtown Portland). There have been many other paintings that I have worked on but not many that I am satisfied with or have completed.

There are many new events I've listed on the right. A Plein Air Showcase at Art Elements Gallery, a 1 day workshop on painting water, and a few plein air events that I will be participating in and jurying are listed. Please take a moment and check these venues out, all worthy of a few blinks.  

Planning out my schedule has been most difficult with the onset of drier painting weather and also the Plein Air Conference had taken up the bulk of my absence. Also, I do have to blame my lack of blog posts on Facebook for it's immediacy of posting. It seems that my blog has taken a back seat as life gets busier and it seems that if I can get snippets in at a fraction of the time. Oh, but I miss the diary of sorts that a blog offers, hoping not to bore anyone at the same time keeping time with my artist career.

I do hope to post a few new pieces here in the next few days, so please drop by and I'd love your feedback.

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