Thankfulness continues...

"Dried Bud" 6x6" Oil      ┬ęBrenda Boylan  Sold

It's been a rocky road for many in America these past seven years, give or take. Perhaps our struggles may seem petty for those less fortunate ones across the globe, but there are many things that could always be better. Some don't even notice as their days fold into years. Thanksgiving continues for me long past the festivities. I mention this because there was a time when I was living in borderline poverty as a child and so I can attest to the hardships some people go through. I made it through with an exceptional desire to work hard and focused planning. It has given me a unique perspective on life, and so I'd like to mention a few things at the top of my mind that I am most grateful for, not in any order.

Food (gluten free food especially)
Health (fragile at times)
Family (this includes friends)
The gumption to work hard
Art Supplies
Dark chocolate
Live music
A hearty laugh
Good red wine
Safe neighborhood
A car that drives

Ok, there are more, but this is what tops my list.

What are you thankful for?

Artist Note:  I have representation by two new galleries I must mention here. Attic Gallery in Portland, OR., and Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ.  So yes, there is always more to be so thankful for.

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